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If you are looking for a comprehensive and practical course to master Kubernetes, look no further than the Techpledge certified Kubernetes administrator Course.


This course will teach you everything you need to know to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot Kubernetes clusters in various environments. You will learn how to use Kubernetes tools and APIs, how to configure networking and security, how to work with pods, services, deployments, and other resources, and how to prepare for the official Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam.


Topic which you learn are :
- Introduction to Kubernetes: Learn the basic concepts and architecture of Kubernetes, such as pods, nodes, services, deployments, and namespaces.
- Kubernetes Installation and Configuration: Learn how to install and configure a Kubernetes cluster using various tools and methods, such as kubeadm, minikube, kops, and helm.
- Kubernetes Networking and Storage: Learn how to set up and manage networking and storage for Kubernetes clusters, such as ingress, load balancing, service mesh, persistent volumes, and storage classes.
- Kubernetes Security and RBAC: Learn how to secure Kubernetes clusters and resources using various mechanisms and policies, such as encryption, authentication, authorization, network policies, and pod security policies.
- Kubernetes Monitoring and Logging: Learn how to monitor and troubleshoot Kubernetes clusters and applications using various tools and frameworks, such as Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, Jaeger, and kubectl.
- Kubernetes Application Deployment and Management: Learn how to deploy and manage applications on Kubernetes clusters using various techniques and tools, such as rolling updates, blue-green deployments, canary deployments, helm charts, operators, and custom resources.


By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation in Kubernetes and be ready to take your skills to the next level.

TechPledge Certified Kubernetes Administrator

840,00$ Prix original
672,00$Prix promotionnel
TVA Incluse
  • 36 Hours + 2 Hours exam preparation + 2 Hours Job Experience

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