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The Morning Herald - USA News Paper

May 29, 2021


TechPledge, an edtech company based in Bangalore, India, has launched a new training program for startups who want to learn the latest skills in cloud computing, data science, and full stack development. The training program is designed to help startups accelerate their growth and innovation by providing them with hands-on experience and mentorship from industry experts.

The training program consists of three modules: Microsoft Azure Cloud, Amazon AWS Platform, and DevOps Automation. Each module covers the fundamentals and advanced topics of each technology, as well as best practices and real-world scenarios. The modules are delivered online through live sessions, recorded videos, quizzes, and assignments. The participants also get access to a dedicated online platform where they can interact with instructors, mentors, and peers.

The training program also offers a unique opportunity for startups to work on live industry projects with TechPledge's partner companies. These projects allow the participants to apply their learning and showcase their skills to potential employers and investors. The projects also provide feedback and guidance from TechPledge's project consultants, who have extensive experience in delivering successful solutions for various domains and industries.

The training program is open to anyone who has a startup idea or is working on a startup project. The program is suitable for beginners as well as experienced professionals who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge. The program is flexible and affordable, with options to pay in installments or get scholarships based on merit and need.

TechPledge is a global ed-tech company that provides online role-based IT training, certification, and bootcamp with placement assistance. Its mission is to help people acquire the right job role-based skills they need to thrive in the new digital world. TechPledge has won several awards and recognition for its quality and impact, including the Best Startup - Services by Steve Award USA in 2020.

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