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Job Role Base Training Courses 

Techpledge Role Based Cloud Admin Training is a comprehensive course that covers the fundamentals of cloud computing, the roles and responsibilities of cloud administrators, and the best practices for managing cloud resources and services. The course is designed for IT professionals who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in cloud administration and prepare for the Techpledge Cloud Admin Certification exam. The course includes hands-on labs and exercises that provide practical experience in working with various cloud platforms and tools. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

- Explain the concepts and benefits of cloud computing
- Identify the different types of cloud service models and deployment models
- Compare and contrast the features and capabilities of various cloud providers
- Perform common cloud administration tasks such as provisioning, monitoring, backup, security, and troubleshooting
- Use cloud management tools and APIs to automate and optimize cloud operations
- Apply best practices for cloud governance, compliance, and cost optimization

Cloud Administration Skills

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 Techpledge is a global initiative that aims to empower IT professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the digital economy. Techpledge courses are aligned with industry standards and best practices, and are recognized by leading employers and organizations. Techpledge also offers career guidance and placement assistance to help you land your dream job. If you are ready to take your IT career to the next level, enroll in the Techpledge certified Job Based courses like Azure Admin , AWS Admin , Data Scientist,Windows Server Admin , Azure Architect,DevOps Engineer,Python Developer etc.

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Événements à venir

  • Summer Bootcamp - 2023
    Summer Bootcamp - 2023
    sam. 02 juin
    Online Classes
    02 juin 2035, 10:00 – 14:00
    Online Classes
    02 juin 2035, 10:00 – 14:00
    Online Classes
    Techpledge Consulting is proud to announce its Summer Training Bootcamp for Cloud Master Course, a comprehensive and hands-on program that will teach you everything you need to know about cloud computing.
  • Job Fair 2023
    Job Fair 2023
    mar. 16 oct.
    Online Event
    16 oct. 2035, 10:00 – 19 oct. 2035, 14:00
    Online Event
    16 oct. 2035, 10:00 – 19 oct. 2035, 14:00
    Online Event
    Techpledge consulting is proud to announce that it will organize Job Fair 2023, a unique opportunity for talented professionals to connect with leading employers in the tech industry. Job Fair 2023 will take place on Oct 15-16, 2023 at the Techpledge headquarters in Bangalore.
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