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Provisioning, running, and managing distributed application systems on the AWS platform is the responsibility of AWS DevOps professionals. Additionally, they automate security controls, governance procedures, and compliance validation as well as implement and manage continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS.


AWS DevOps certification consists of two levels: Associate and Professional.

The Associate level covers the fundamentals of DevOps on AWS, while the Professional level covers more advanced topics and scenarios.


 To obtain the AWS DevOps certification, candidates must pass one or more exams that test their knowledge and skills on specific domains of DevOps on AWS. The exams are designed to assess the candidate's ability to apply DevOps concepts and practices in real-world situations.


AWS DevOps certification is recognized and valued by employers and clients who are looking for qualified and competent DevOps professionals to work on their AWS projects. It can also help candidates advance their careers and increase their earning potential in the field of DevOps on AWS.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional(DOP-C02)

740,00$ Prix original
592,00$Prix promotionnel
TVA Incluse
  • 30 Hours + 2 Hours exam preparation

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