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If you are looking for a way to enhance your skills and knowledge in Ansible, the leading automation platform for IT operations and DevOps, then you should consider enrolling in our techpledge certified Ansible expert training course.


This course will provide you with a comprehensive and practical introduction to Ansible, covering its core concepts, features, and best practices.

You will learn following topics:


- Learn how to use Ansible to automate the configuration and deployment of cloud-based applications and services
- Gain hands-on experience with Ansible modules, roles, playbooks, variables, templates, facts, and vaults
- Understand how to integrate Ansible with cloud platforms such as AWS and  Azure, 
- Explore best practices for writing reusable and maintainable Ansible code
- Prepare for the Techpledge Certified Ansible Expert exam and demonstrate your proficiency in using Ansible for cloud automation

By the end of this course, you will be able to use Ansible to automate complex tasks and workflows across multiple environments and platforms.


You will also receive a techpledge certificate of completion that validates your expertise and demonstrates your commitment to ethical and responsible use of technology.

TechPledge Certified Ansible Engineer

540,00$ Prix original
432,00$Prix promotionnel
TVA Incluse
  • 30 Hours + 2 Hours exam preparation

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