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GCP Cloud

GCP Cloud Training by Techpledge Consulting is a comprehensive course that covers the fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform and its services. You will learn how to use GCP to build, deploy, and manage scalable and secure cloud applications. You will also gain hands-on experience with GCP tools and best practices through interactive labs and projects. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

- Identify the key features and benefits of GCP

- Compare and contrast the various GCP products and solutions

- Set up and configure a GCP account and project

- Use GCP console, Cloud Shell, and Cloud SDK to interact with GCP

- Create and manage virtual machines, storage buckets, and databases on GCP

- Deploy and run containerized applications on GCP using Kubernetes Engine

- Develop and deploy serverless functions on GCP using Cloud Functions

- Implement security and identity management on GCP using IAM and Cloud KMS

- Monitor and troubleshoot your GCP resources using Cloud Logging and Cloud Monitoring

- Optimize your GCP costs using billing reports and recommendations

GCP Cloud Training by Techpledge Consulting is designed for IT professionals, developers, and engineers who want to learn how to leverage GCP for their cloud computing needs. Whether you are new to cloud or have some prior experience, this course will help you master the skills and knowledge required to become a certified Google Cloud Associate Engineer.

GCP Cloud
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